a bad hair day


The sacrosanct relationship between my hair stylist and me is one of value – and one very expensive little affair we have going on now for some years.  So when I was too lazy to book an appointment 6 weeks ahead as our relationship requires on my part, I decided to do a little trim on my bangs and the top of my hair – just to get me through.It was ok……just ok and off I went on a two week trip with my just ok hair.

On the train I’m looking at the lady in front of me and thinking I should have just pulled my hair back in a pony tail and been done with it…….hey!! Wait a minute – she’s got something serious going on there. And as she turned around I saw that her head was completely shaved except for the weird tail feathery thing in the back.

I could imagine it starting out with trimming her own bangs, then the top and on from there.  Hell no! I made an appointment with my stylist and confessed. Told her the story of the weird lady on the train and she said, “see…….that’s why you need me”.

And she was so right





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