Saturday with Hazel and Liz – and he should have laughed



Hey Hazel,

That guy is a moron. A pin head. No other way to describe it.  So when he called me in to  let me know  he didn’t like me, didn’t like me wearing the stripes on my shoulders, just plain didn’t like me personally, I was mighty nervous.  Oh yeah, it was personal.

Setting the record straight, you should have seen me!  I marched in to his office in full freshly pressed uniform, kevlar vest, 9mm and other interesting stuff hanging on my hips….. I leaned over his desk, glared at him and farted.

Like, I farted!!  Obviously a total surprise to both of us! In the shocking next few seconds I said, “damn, you make me nervous” and laughed.  He glared at me and said “sit down” pointing to the chair across from his desk. By now, I’m embarrassed, well, more like mortified and he was a jerk.

He should have laughed.  Farts happen.  So after that I decided to make him cry.  And I did.

Stay tuned – sign me master of my own fate,


… be continued






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