’bout those ears


My dear friends and colleagues went through the past year of my “ear adventure” with me; some by default and some who encouraged and helped me come to terms with my hearing challenges. My guys at work were stalwarts of my transition to hearing aids, not withstanding the humour they bring to everything in our tribal custom-like way. My family considerately didn’t point out what a freak I was with the loud TV and so forth.

’bout those moments, tho…….one of the guys was taking his truck in to get the blinkers – the turn signals fixed. He said they didn’t make any noise and were somehow disconnected.  I piped up and said “oh no, guys, the new vehicles all have silent blinkers.” The stunned silence as they all stared at me – and then the realization that I just hadn’t heard them for a while…… and we went out to the parking lot to prove that blinkers still tic-toked.  They do.

Now my friend came back from a trip to his childhood-growing-up-place  where he commented that there used to be so many crickets chirping….. his buddy looked at him like he was crazy and said, “there still are…can’t you hear them?”

I referred him to my ear guy. Because sometimes all you hear is crickets, and you want to be able to at least do that.











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