see ya, 2016……


2016 reminded me that the only thing constant about change is that it will continue to happen – sometimes delightfully, sometimes well – it sucks.

Some of the squirrel moments from my year….In February I had some treasured big brother 1:1 time exploring the missions of California and of course, a burger at Gilroy In -N- Out Burger.  Yeah!! And in March at a meeting I realized that sometimes the best you can do with a pile of poop situation is to metaphorically kick dirt on it and walk away. In May I celebrated a dear friend being alive – a year after he looked at the ninth of the cat’s lives and proved you can have ten, and I entered a writing contest. In July I chased squirrels that I didn’t catch, while in November I found the inspiration walking about in San Diego and at Ted X Seattle to chase different squirrels. In September I found new beginnings in endings, thank you Accenture for some great years, and in December I got excited about some cool new opportunities on the horizon and have eaten way too many Christmas cookies.

The moment that made my year……the gift of a hand-made bench and table set mysteriously placed on my deck in August.  The perfect talisman going forward into 2017.

See ya 2016, I’m movin’ on! All the best to you in 2017!






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