the 30-60-90 from a mountain top


Sometimes you need to change your view, your point of view, to make a plan for moving forward. And that’s where the top of the mountain comes into play.  Stand up there in the wind and cold and find clarity in looking out in all directions.

Since my contract ended in the fall and I have taken a few months to breathe, just breathe after a hell year, everyone is asking “what are you going to do now?”  Being an intrinsic planner, I couldn’t go long without one……so enter the 30-60-90.

The magic of the plan is that in four short weeks you take a look at where you are and where you are going and straighten out the path to get you there. Or scrap it and take a different path.  It’s all ok to make it part of your plan. That’s the beauty of it.  You are in control.

One of my former colleagues who was also a casualty of our contract ending has just embarked on a new path and will dance through his next 30-60-90 in the blink of an eye bringing his incredible experience to a new adventure while he soaks up and analyzes his environment like the sponge he is.

The beauty is that we’re adaptable, and the minute we forget that little factoid, we become stagnant and the 30-60-90 is as flatline as when the beep stops on the heart machine.

So to everyone who is asking what I am “going to do now”, well, I’m looking in new directions, I’m loving having time to write, and yes, you will see me take on a new adventure …… but I’m a planner and it’s all in my 30-60-90. Stay tuned.

Kudos to you, Mike for standing on the mountain top and finding a new direction.  You are an inspiration to those who may think there was only one mountain to climb.




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