the thing about the horse head squirrel feeder and “he who sits in the oval office”


The horse head squirrel feeders I gave as some cute-ish Christmas gifts (how fitting….. @dreamingofsquirrels1) were the hit of the season.  Cause who doesn’t like watching a squirrel stumble around wearing a horse head?  

Thank you Archie McPhee of Seattle for blessing us with this fun. But I wonder if the horse head squirrel feeder ended up under the Christmas tree in the oval office…… because that’s the only explanation of what we see going on.

In The Washington Post, April 7 2014 Columnist John Kelly  (John Kelly’s Washington) asked the question of why would someone invent a squirrel feeder shaped like a horse’s head. In the column he talks to David Wahl of Archie McPhee and David answers some questions about the whole squirrel thing.

” I think there’s a fascination with he look of squirrels,” David said. “People like them.  They associate them with a healthy ecosystem…..For a city dweller especially it’s a reminder of nature.  But at the same time, they’re also filthy and a little mean.  You wouldn’t want to hold a squirrel or catch a squirrel.  Some People call them the rats of the trees.” I asked David what he though the squirrels would make of all this. “The great part about it is, since squirrels don’t have Internet access, they don’t know that we’re making fun of them,” he said. “If they actually had access to the Internet, they would be angry.”

It’s like “he who sits in the oval office” is running in and out of the fancy gold curtains behind the big desk wearing the horse head squirrel feeder, clasping the peanut in his little squirrel hands chittering and chirping “I got the peanut and you didn’t!!! I got the BIGGEST peanut!! It’s like “he who sits in the oval office” is so intent on selfishly showing off his big peanut that he doesn’t even notice all the other nuts and grains in the squirrel feeder or the other creatures around him.(heavy on the metaphor here, I know…).  He’s becoming mean and vicious in protecting his big peanut and has lost sight of his place in the forest. He is chasing away everyone except those in his immediate squirrel nest and upsetting the ecosystem and creature companion relationships of the entire forest.

We find it hilarious to watch squirrels dance around wearing a horse head bouncing off the edges of trees, jumping around making loud squirrel noises. The problem is when his head is too big to use the horse head feeder as it’s meant to be.  In this case his head is so big it could easily be turned into the other end of the horse.  Hey Archie, how about a horse’s ass squirrel feeder? It seems fitting. Just mail it directly to the big old white house.


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