I remember a conversation with a friend when I said “I just don’t know where I fit” and the response was “well, right here. That’s where”.  This past few months since leaving the teams I was working with, it’s been a bit of a stress and pressure and an overwhelming feeling that I have to find a new “fit”.

Any time there’s a big change we struggle to find a place that doesn’t bind or pinch or slosh around like an overfilled wading pool. Maybe the fit is in our perspective of our here and now.  Maybe it’s ok to step back and change perspective.

A walk in the Ancient Forest near my house is healing and inspiring. Offering a note to be taken that today is a tiny piece of everything; that it’s ok to just breathe and be.




2 thoughts on “perspective

  1. raymasson says:

    What is it they say? …that the key to happiness is to want what you have, not have what you want. That being said, it’s always nice to have goals. I really wanted a plane. Now I have one. Accomplishing that was pretty sweet. A new level. So, yes. And no. 🤔 I don’t know. I’ll just be quiet now, and think that through. I’ll get back to you when I figger it out. Maybe.

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  2. Ah, Ray…. that thing about “wants”. If we didn’t have wants we would never send short stories in to contests. We would never work a crappy job when you are tired; trekking through deep snow, working so hard not to disappoint your team while you make airplane dollars.
    The key to having what you want is perspective. Getting what you want is only half the journey, and having what you want is another story blasted with reality.
    Sweet, that little red plane you have. Very sweet. And I remember you telling me about flying, the excitement and dream. Marvelling at the perspective and the blessing as you fly alone over the river valley where you grew up. As we talked about being total flying nerds with our noses pressed to the windows of commercial flights as others are glued to games on their tablets or snoozing with shades over their eyes. About wanting to see – to see everything from that perspective.
    The secret to the happiness in having what you want is still all in the perspective. Fly happy, my friend.


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