flowerpots and the news

IMG_2831 2.jpg

I don’t know what people expect you to be doing when you’re not punching the timecard in the 9-5 world.  When you’re in between contracts, or stepping slowly into new opportunities (as they say which is also known as job hunting and interviewing and that cycle).

Me?  Well, I’ve been doing some creative stuff with flower pots. And watching the news. Lots and lots of news. 

The news which is causing me more anxiety than when I was in the world of threat assessment, and risk management plans.  Than when I was in working in the justice system playing my part in the rights and wrongs of our society; than when I was working with companies managing essential projects.

But now, I watch and feel pretty helpless.  When I see the stroke of the Presidential pen south of the border making life changing decisions that will affect more than “Pittsburg” I’m anxious. When it feels like our progress and projects are being discounted with the tipsy government we elected in BC; I’m anxious.

It gives me the opportunity to stop complaining and railing about the news I watch  far too many hours a day and after I water my flowers, head into town and make a difference like I always have in what I do.

It is a cool flower-pot thing, though….don’t ya think?




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