in the middle of moving


“In the middle of moving” is how the email note started that was from my friend this week.  I’m not sure where the move is to but I am sure that he’ll look up when he lands and steps into lifestyle changes and he’ll find fierce inspiration in all he does. ‘Cause that’s just how he rolls. 

There are few people who share the excitement and exhilaration of stories and lessons learned as well as he does. Turning those lessons both inward for inspiration and outward to motivate others is a gift that he shares with crazy enthusiasm.

“In the middle of moving” can create introspection because it’s a change. Perhaps regret for opportunities missed. All change gives you that little twinge of things lost before you realize there’s also things to be found. Not to replace to but to enhance.  That’s what my friend does best.

“In the middle of moving” is my friend who wherever he ends up will reach out a couple of times a year with a little note that’s a jolt of encouragement and inspiration.  What a cool kind of friend that is.

I wish him well and look forward to the next note.






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