Dear Store, I love you but your dressing rooms suck


I just don’t get it.  I love my favourite stores where I can find everything from my Trina Turk dresses (which this one is not!)  to my favourite shoes that I love and everything in between from leggings to skinny jeans and soft pyjamas.  But my issue is that your dressing rooms suck. 

I’m not going in there to be pampered, but how about some decent lighting?  How about some mirrors that don’t turn into circus mirrors as soon as I strip off my shirt and jeans? I’m not asking for an illusion; just a reality a little less harsh than like looking in a 15x magnifier and seeing all my pores and flaws.  How is it that I can wear a dress in a single digit size and as I slip it over my head and twirl around to see myself in the mirror  – well, cue music to Fantasia and the chorus line of dancing hippos in the dressing room.

Dear Store, do you have any idea how much more I would buy if the dressing rooms only had decent lighting and mirrors? If I can make it past the psyche damaging experience of the  buzzing fluorescent overhead lights and see myself in the sweater as it looks at home in my mirror, it might be a keeper. But first I have to make it past the trauma of the dressing room.




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