the resolutions…..I’m gonna go out and “do ’em ’till there’s less of ’em” Jeremy’s way


This year I resolve to handle my resolutions Jeremy’s way…. let me explain. Jeremy was one of the guys I hired in a recent team I led.  A team tasked with a mandate to turn the sow’s ear of too much work to manage into the silk purse of some impressive metrics.

Jeremy had an impressive red/brown beard long before hipsters in Portland started growing them, and clearly the envy of other beard-growing men. (And yes, I love a great beard!) Jeremy had a very deep, low, soft voice more to be felt than heard. Jeremy had what you can only call “chill”.  I’m sure he was dragging around his ball and chain of stress like the rest of us, but he brought a grounding to our team that kept us all away from the ledge as he would look at our impossible workload and say “well…….I’m gonna go out and do ’em ’till there’s less of ’em”.  It became our team mantra.

So here it is the time again  –  when we start again.  Whether we make a list and tape it to the  front of the fridge or just tell ourselves that “this year I will…” I think we all make some promises to ourselves to start/change/do/make/quit something as we hang up our new calendars.

I’m gonna look at my impossible list of resolutions and “go out and do ’em until there’s less of ’em” Jeremy’s way.