Saturday with Hazel & Liz and too much fun – not

Dear Hazel,

So just how much fun can one person have and still say they are at work?  Is there a rule about that?  I wouldn’t know ’cause I’m not having any. Fun that is.  So now I find out I have to fly 2 separate flights to pick up a prisoner Tuesday.  That’s ok as long as I don’t get screwed around with the weather. Remember the time it took me 4 days to get back with a bad guy? Yeah, the trip from hell, that was.  A pretty quick turnaround at the airport this time so I’m thinking I better not wear my slippery soled shoes in case I end up running and dragging my handcuffed, clanging, jangling buddy along behind me. (Traction can be an important thing, you know.) Continue reading