roses at the airport


Like many of us, I’ve travelled through dozens of airports and watching the coverage of the shooting in Fort Lauderdale today is terrifying and so very sad.

Airports should be places of hugs hello and farewell, of welcoming home and adventurous departures. Places of regular travel for business as familiar as driving the route to your office.

My heart goes out to everyone hurt, the families who have people not coming home from the airport today, to those who tasted true fear and panic. My admiration goes out to the first responders, law enforcement and airport personnel stepping up to manage the unknown and mitigate danger with their professionalism and tenacity.

Arriving¬†in PDX ¬†on a business trip a couple of summers ago, I was given a rose to welcome me….in and out of the airport, and on my way….and that’s how it should be. Deconstructing an event like today will enable and educate us to be aware of our surroundings and work with security measures put in place to keep us safe. To make airports a place for welcome roses instead of fear, terror, hurt and death. My thoughts are with those in Fort Lauderdale today.