beauty is hard sometimes

Photo by Proud Paws Dog Grooming

So Lena went to the “beauty parlour” for the first time this week. In all our many years and many dogs we have never used a groomer before, instead spent hours and hours brushing collies, taking some to the vet to have nails trimmed so we didn’t get our arms bitten off.

Through our weird little community of Borzoi here we have a special friend connection to a top notch big dog groomer so here we go. Lena thought it was going to be a treat-fest but soon learned the hard truth about beauty – that it can be hard – or at least hard to understand and expressed that she’d had enough half way through getting beautiful with bites and yowls.

Beauty is hard for us people too. The concept changes so often; eyebrows, no eyebrows – shiny eyeshadow, no eyeshadow – acrylic daggers for fingernails – interesting inserts giving comical body shapes to jiggle for likes and views. Social media can take us so far down the rabbit hole of beauty that we end in the bar in Star Wars not recognizing who or what we’re sitting beside.

How about all the face contouring makeup? If you’re not aware of the sets of varying dirt coloured creams – you are meant to draw lines, triangles and other squiggles all over your face, smear real good, cover up with more makeup and voila! you have a pore clogging covering worthy of well….a social media post. There’s a news anchor lady who has contour stripes down the sides and centre of her nose so obvious that I look at her and just see a badger. Can’t help it – it’s a badger reading the news.

But back to beauty for Lena. It’s a learning thing for a puppy with nail trims, baths, weird blow dryers and all to keep her healthy and bring out her gorgeous soft curls. The smile at the end makes it all worthwhile. Here’s to more beautiful smiles and patient dog groomers who love their clients!


typing with a bandage on my thumb

So, what happened to your blog? Yeah, I was asked a few times and I guess my response was that I was thinking about it…. Sometimes life gets in the way – whatever – and just needed down time.

Covid, work-from-home isolation, no travel – it all piled up to a one-foot-in-front of the other Netflix existence and then suddenly the world opened back up. A couple trips, some sand and beaches and dancing to Cinco-de-Mayo in the streets and it feels like I’m alive again.

Then….. along comes a message to “come cuddle some Borzoi” and just like that the house is full of joy. Meet Lena. I know, we said with retirement (in 12 work days!) and after mourning our Jasmine – no more pets. No more dogs. So we got Lena. A 13 week old Borzoi bundle of zoomies, long naps and very sharp puppy teeth; ergo the bandage on my thumb as she missed the chew stick and bit through my thumbnail. Ouch! We’ve got the “sit” down pat and are working on the “no bite”.

In a conversation with my brother in February he told me his last kitty was gone. Freddie was around forever and now gone. No more pets, no more animals he said. I echoed his words and it was like a pact we made to save ourselves the sorrow of losing another friend.

When my profile picture showed me with a puppy, I got a text right away from my brother with a picture of two little orange striped kittens. Seems that very week he went out and found some joy to bring home too. As he later said to me “pets make our lives better” and I agree.

Welcome Lena and kittens. You make us happy. And welcome back to my “random thoughts” blog.