damn it, Mark!…don’t put dog food grumblies on the counter


I love trail mix. All kinds. As long as it’s crunchy, full of mysterious nuts and seeds, fruits and maybe chocolate…I’m there. I munch on it while I drive, at my work desk, at home…..kind of like a friendly addiction some might say.

Some of my work buddies vacuumed out my work car and commented on the trail mix the vacuum sucked up. In my work cubicle, there is enough escaped, dropped and missed trail mix to feed a small village for a week….. which I left for the guy who took over my little cubicle world….maybe I hope for a rat infestation there…..but I digress.

So with the holidays I have a bowl of trail mix and other goodies on the kitchen counter and as I stumbled out in the morning without my glasses on (can’t see anything unless it’s at least a mile away without my glasses), and I spy an errant piece of trail mix on the counter.  I eat it.

It was a piece of dog food.  A dog grumblie.  “Mark!” I said, “I just ate a piece of dog food off the counter thinking it was trail mix ’cause I couldn’t see it up close without my glasses.. wtf!?” He replied, “yeah, I know I put it there….it was stuck on my sock and I put it there”.  As if he put a treat out for me pulled from his old wool sock.  “Well, that’s just not cool.  Put it in the garbage or back in the dog dish, but don’t set me up with my trail mix addiction to scarf it up off the counter!” and he just laughed.