Saturday with Hazel and Liz and flower drum song


Dear Hazel,

Wow, like you were so nice to everyone this morning….. on your best behaviour some might say because you are PRETENDING it’s your birthday because they brought you a cake.   But the real one is Tuesday, I’m pretty sure – first criminal appearance day – somehow fitting? Maybe dementia is kicking in and making you this way?  It’s scaring me – what if it rubs off on me and I become nice?

Oh I know a neat thing tho….during a moment of extreme boredom I turned on the old movie channel and found “Flower Drum Song” – I saw it like 30 million years ago and it was my favourite movie in my little 12 year old mind along with the requisite Sound of Music at that time.  I still remembered all the songs from Flower Drum and joyfully sang along with “Chop Suey, Chop Suey”…… and then feeling all maudlin over everything.  All I needed to do was read some Steinbeck to really put me over the edge.  I’m convinced it wasn’t Flower Drum Song tho, it’s really my hair. Need to go blonde again.

Sign me melancholy for flower drums,


… be continued



where does cool come from?


I don’img_1757t  think cool has an age, race or other determining stat.  Not necessarily animal, vegetable or mineral……it’s a moment.

Cool can be manufactured; Kanye……. it can be coerced; Trump.. (ok I’ll leave that one here), it can be hatchiamals at Christmas. But that’s not really cool – that’s a social pressure to “have to have” to  “have to follow” to be cool.

I’ll tell you where cool comes from.  It comes from being alive in the moment and that’s absolutely contagious. Being alive in the moment so much that you dance. Now, that’s where cool comes from.