just listen


All my peeps know that there is nothing I love more than standing up in front of a crowd and presenting, motivating and teaching. But sometimes I just want to sit back and listen.

I need to just listen, to be filled up,  inspired with no other agenda than to soak it all in.

My treat to myself is to “do” TED x Seattle (formerly TED x Rainier) and just listen.

I come away with inspiration and stories from people in the corners of life that I wouldn’t run into in a million years, and sometimes it’s  a surprise to see people on the stage that I have crossed paths with in my journeys.

I go alone because I very selfishly don’t want someone whispering in my ear their impressions and thoughts about the speakers and topics. I go alone to just listen.

And then I come away and  excitedly can’t stop talking about what I heard. And isn’t that the whole idea behind sharing ideas? Well done TED x Seattle 2016, well done.


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