the blurry edge of agoraphobia


So, ok it’s been 8 weeks since my contract ended and I’m as they say, unemployed. Don’t say retired – that makes me crazy – I didn’t retire.  No gold watch. I’m not there yet and will find some other trouble to get into that involves dragging my ass out of bed every morning and churning through the flotsam and jetsam of a new organization and new master to work with.  I look forward to it……love the challenge all in good time.

It’s so weird how people view a break in employment.  When you’re “gone” from the organization a few friendships continue, but mostly you feel like you’re done with it and still need to find something to fill your days. I painted some rooms, went through my list of stuff to do and then it was end of week two.   And now…..

Meanwhile the blurry edges of agoraphobia are chewing at my days telling me “just stay home, drink some wine (not before 5… or that’s another edge to stay away from) and read another book. Sure, wear yoga pants exclusively now.”

Whoa – gotta be careful of that – so my answer was to go for a walk. To poke my head out and fly 6000 kilometres and wander.  And I did. Keeping the door open to the outside world and being part of it,  but still not giving up the yoga pants.  Nope.



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