those online job applications


I’ve been on both sides of the job application process more than a few times over the years.

And applications and resumes only tell so much.  Very important, that meeting to step out of cyberspace and see if there is real live-person chemistry that will work for the job at hand.

Meanwhile, I fill out the on-line applications, trying my best to answer the questions to showcase my suitability as the best candidate and  hopefully  advance to the next steps.

How often do you think we check the wrong box and somewhere a computer reads the answer as wrong! loser! and kicks us out as hopeless with no recourse……meow.


2 thoughts on “those online job applications

  1. Mike says:

    Too often, and sometimes it takes a human being somewhere to look past the computer and look at the big picture and say “hey there is more to this person than the ‘wrong answer'”


    • You are so right, Mike. Reminds me of years ago when it was the fad to do resumes on fancy paper, fancy typeface. I got a rather plain resume from a guy with a poop load of education whose current job was as a chicken catcher. He wanted to be a deputy sheriff. I was intrigued and called him in for an interview. Chicken catcher….. And that’s what is missing with the cyber whole on-line process….intrigue. Anyway, I hired him and he turned out to be a great deputy sheriff. Chicken catcher to deputy sheriff……I’ll leave that here.


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