the lip sync meltdown moment aka shit happens – now move on


Good grief, people – let the meltdown moment die.  Crap like that shouldn’t happen in a professional production but it does. (did I see cossack background dancers?) And being human, we look for the weakness and exploit it in our quest for blame.  We are so nasty sometimes.

To shift gears,I see all kinds of sappy resolution quotes this time of year; more so than usual…. like the one “don’t look back, you’re not going that way” written  in fancy script on all kinds of fancy photos.

But we are masters of chewing the cud of messed up moments and looking backwards. Not something to be proud of, but we barf out past infractions and grudges, hurts and victories like the close-up ramblings of reality show contestants in the interview vignettes crafted under the swaying palms. And we know about reality shows, don’t we? Hmmmmm?

….. How about “being accountable, transparent and trustworthy.”  Now there’s a sappy saying to put over a photo of a mountain or lake. Let’s pay attention to what matters and move on from the minutiae of trivia that won’t change our lives.

Now, let Mariah’s moment die because I have to get back to CNN and find out what life-changing tweets are showing up as the coronation date is approaching.




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