road trip with Mom – calling shotgun!….and dog hair……


I see dogs in cars and feel a kindred spirit connection with their people.  Those of us who take our furry friends for car rides accept the fur and slobber covered windows and I’m sure many like me minimize the kennel aspect with special dog blankets, cage dividers and the like. 

So as we spend hours and hours in the ICU waiting area in the past week, I tell my niece about the wondrous pet hair remover sponge thing I bought – how it works better than anything I’ve ever used including the super-duper pet vacuum we all swear by.  I expound on how it removes ALL the hair from the car seats and carpets.

When you use it.  I should have added, when you use it.  I used it a couple of months ago…..  I scooped Jasmine’s blanket up and dumped it in the trunk and made room for an unexpected cargo of passengers.  I was actually kind of proud of how clean my car looked, having washed off the spring road dirt that very morning.

As everyone climbed out of my car, I caught a glimpse of my niece’s coat and was horrified to see it transformed from navy blue into a furry, very furry white-ish coat.  These passengers are not the dog cargo carrying people I am, and trying to brush the hair off was futile and awkward to say the least.  Made more so by another passenger asking if it was stuck all over her coat too. Which it wasn’t.

Thing is, dog hair is a really small thing in the scale of things to worry over and we need to spend less time and anxiety over it. Love me, love my dog, or at least understand where I am coming from and how to get dog hair off a coat, and I had a load of passengers who did just that.

I have a magic sponge thing that takes ALL the hair off…….if you use it.



2 thoughts on “road trip with Mom – calling shotgun!….and dog hair……

  1. tmrparentgmailcom says:

    I like to think that dog hair is millions bits of happiness that your dog shares with you to ensure you are always happy just like him


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