and time for starting anew


anew… a new or different, typically more positive way….once more again 

And what better time than spring to start anew.  I came home from Oregon last week straggling and struggling with a terrible cold with no time to pause, gobble cold meds and sleep.  Instead I am working on change.  Working on “anew”. 

I have to say that my “anew” is invigorating.  The inquires and applications I sent out indicating interest in different work came back to me with interviews, challenging written exams and presentations to prepare; the things that crank me up with inspiration.

It helps considerably as I look outside and see the snow grudgingly leaving.  Still sputtering snowflakes in the sunshine but on its way out as the first robins appear to claim their territory. The dark cocoon of early winter nights tucking us in by late afternoon are making way for bright daylight late enough to make us want to do something in the evenings.  To start anew.

It’s exciting to be challenged and I’m excited to see where my starting anew takes me!





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