it’s the little things making today great


Three  words shared ” heard a robin” and I smile.

This week has been a bit crazy.  I felt a little Kung Fu Panda as I suddenly had all these things to do, but the strength, wisdom ….and naps…..and cheesecake…..came through and like that fat bear, I made it through the week managing to embrace the warrior status fat bears aspire to. 

Only those of us who bundle up to keep warm through the long, dark winter nights and days of “how are the roads? “Supposed to go to 38 below tonight.”, and “the freakin’ heater in my car stopped working!!” can understand the robin text and the refresh button it pushes in our world.


Even Griz and Jasmine are grasping at the spring moments; feeling the sunshine and listening for  birdsong. And…… with the sun shooing the edges of the snow away comes soggy, muddy ground that squishes under dog feet and splashes up on everything.


Thank goodness for fleece blankets to help dry out a grubby little girl. And thank goodness for husbands who share the joy of hearing a robin. Made my day.





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