catching a look back at me


My friend is an avid hunter.  Something I’m not.  I don’t deal well with dead animals or the killing of them which makes me a supermarket hunter.

I’ve had talks with my friend about his love of hunting with his pride in providing for his family and pride in the hounorable hunt.  In that I learn of his respect for the animals he hunts as well as an abiding wonder as he sees a herd of elk or bears lumbering across the field below his tree stand or a wild turkey by the side of the road.  And he shares the excitement of watching deer and seeing a moose lift his huge head as he munches soft meadow greens.

My friend tells me of all this.  He sends pictures of the animals he sees as he works in the wilderness of the rocky mountains.  He shares a zen with the wildlife around us and  when he sent me this picture he was in awe of the wildness and depth his camera caught. I like that about him.

Photo Courtesy of Martin Istok



it’s the little things making today great


Three  words shared ” heard a robin” and I smile.

This week has been a bit crazy.  I felt a little Kung Fu Panda as I suddenly had all these things to do, but the strength, wisdom ….and naps…..and cheesecake…..came through and like that fat bear, I made it through the week managing to embrace the warrior status fat bears aspire to.  Continue reading

-35 is only good for polar bears or Mike


As I was sitting in bed having coffee surfing Facebook this morning (yeah, this being off work is instilling some new habits in my daily routine) with Jasmine snuggled up deep in the blankets beside me, I see Mike posts this picture.  Yikes!! That’s damn cold no matter how you look at it.

The crazy part is that we trundle on our ways doing our stuff even in the extreme cold, like Mike being at 70 Mile House at -35 early in the morning, deep in the interior of BC.

Sometimes I’m weirdly proud to be a Canadian.