looking outside at Tuesday -31 brrrr


Watched Mark head out this morning, but Jasmine and I are nested in for the day – me with my laptop and the book “Ice Diaries” by Jean McNeil, fittingly, a book about her adventure in the Antarctic. It’s a fascinating book with some insights about being alone, and being lonely, about finding things out about yourself and finding out your limits, and finding inspiration. I would love to hear her speak about her book.

Jasmine is ready for the day. I think she is snoring.






-35 is only good for polar bears or Mike


As I was sitting in bed having coffee surfing Facebook this morning (yeah, this being off work is instilling some new habits in my daily routine) with Jasmine snuggled up deep in the blankets beside me, I see Mike posts this picture.  Yikes!! That’s damn cold no matter how you look at it.

The crazy part is that we trundle on our ways doing our stuff even in the extreme cold, like Mike being at 70 Mile House at -35 early in the morning, deep in the interior of BC.

Sometimes I’m weirdly proud to be a Canadian.