picking up a few things at the store


This time of year picking up toilet paper and milk at the store pretty much assures a trunk full of plants too. We are manic with our spring-time planting and rightly so.

Already we are into long days of daylight which will change in a little over a month to shorten.  Living in an area with such distinct seasons makes us movers and shakers of  the moment, and the moment we are into is spring planting.  The short season is enhanced with more hours of daylight and sunshine to transform our world quickly into a wonderland of colour and green.


“The hanging baskets are in at Costco!” is passed along in texts,  and the nurseries are filled to bursting with lush plants begging us to take them home.

It’s still too early to actually plant most things as the kiss of frost is showing  up in the mornings.  Flowers hardening off on my porch get tucked in with a sheet covering them at night.

Soon I will nurture my yard with the colour and greenery of a new wardrobe like taking the box of summer clothes out and changing with the seasons.

Meanwhile, I forgot the toilet paper and have to go back……after I empty the trunk for the next trip of course.


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