a Thursday walk in the north

IMG_2415 (1).JPG

I’ll admit that I am a fair-weather walker and the spring fresh air and warm sunshine called us to GET OUT THERE! 

I was reminded of Jasmine’s wildness with her Husky coloration as she could disappear  in the grass and brown bushes.  For now, anyway.  Once the palette of green bursts through she loses her camouflage. Of course, the lavender leash removes some of her wildness but she doesn’t seem to mind.

We found amazing things on the walk around our neighbourhood today!

IMG_4072 (1).JPG

The very first pussy willows! So we know it’s fast-forward now to spring with changes before our very eyes.  The creeks running fast with snow melt, grass with tinges of green already and the sun higher in the sky.

Moose poop to remind us that we share our walking places and a mysterious DO NOT TRESPASS place that we had to peek at.  Nothing there except a weird sticking up tower.  Watching us?  Cue “Secret A-gent Man, Secret A-gent Man”.  Ok, I’ve been watching WAY too much CNN and the daily soap opera of ‘merican politics.

We saw a couple of neighbour girls on their bikes who waved a hello to us and it reminded me of why we live here in such a wonderful place shared with little girls on pink bikes, moose poop, and pussy willows in the ditches.

No better way to spend an afternoon.







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