the weight of your vote


I admit that I have been totally engrossed with first the campaign, then the election and now the first 100 fumbling days of politics south of our border.  You can’t make that stuff up.

Often my conversations start with “and then…….and now…..!!!” as I recap and regurgitate  the incredulous rhetoric and antics of the reality show that’s come to the big ‘ole White House.  In some ways it’s reminiscent of episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies as they moved to their big house.  Put pigtails on Kelly-Anne…….put coveralls on Sean and well, you get my drift.

So with my grousing and snickering about that daily drama, I decided to step up and do my part to help with the integrity and transparency  of our current Provincial election and I’m  working with the Elections  group to facilitate voting.  Like at the voting stations.

I thought it would be a good way to see the difference makers who come in to cast their votes; to remember why I am proud of our system and our candidates who may throw their fair share of cheap shots at each other, but don’t swirl down the drain with alternative facts and out-right bullying.  And if they do, although we are known for our politeness we Canadians will hold them accountable.

Meanwhile, see you at the polling stations.  We get to make a difference!


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