a little blue kitchen aide


I believe the friendships we are gifted with kind of show up when we need them most for our souls.  This sounds all lofty, but think about it…… think about the friendships beyond Facebook friends; the friendship that is there for you alone that isn’t measured by likes. The friendship this little blue bird has with Tanya. 

Being a busy working Mom in a house with rambunctious boys and husband, Tanya adopted this little blue bird when its other family couldn’t keep the bird any longer. At first she didn’t understand it and actually did some study to find out how to interact because clearly,  the bird was more than something to sit in a cage on a swing.

She learned to talk to the bird and more importantly, to listen.  The different chirps and whistles; the quiet cooing sounds of a sleepy bird. And conversation happened.

When I go visit I’m always a bit startled as I walk to the kitchen and see the little bird sitting on the little ladder at the window or if it’s nap time, sitting on the curtain rod gently rocking with eyes closed.  The loud excited squawk-chirps when company comes gets the dog barking in solidarity, and they work in tandem to watch for the mail lady who needs to be seriously and loudly rebuked with a cacophony of creature noises from within the living room as she puts letters in the mailbox.

Sometimes when you work in a professional role of helping others, and you work hard to help the boys through the challenges of growing up, and you help your husband with support of his work, well……you just might need a little help yourself.

Tanya’s little blue kitchen aide.

Photo Courtesy of Tanya Parent





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