not drunk – just dodging the manholes


The route I and many others take everyday to and from our downtown offices is driving me crazy! There are SO many manhole (people hole?) covers set in the pavement that I can only speculate on the guts and gizzards of underground city infrastructure lurking below. 

The problem is that the manhole covers are not level with the pavement.  Oh no!! With the magic paving machine that eats the old pavement and poops out a new layer to make it like new – well, the manhole covers end up like potholes.  Hit those babies and your wheel pounds with a jarring that makes the involuntary bad words spew. Shocks and struts are casualties with the daily punishment.

I don’t presume to understand the planning of these things, but I can tell you that  I end up dodging and weaving like a drunk person trying to walk a straight line as I drive a few blocks over the non-linear placement of things other people never even think about.  Must be a good reason to offset them I guess. You can sure tell the regular commuters along that stretch of roadway as we skillfully straddle the manhole covers like rally drivers on an obstacle course.

So Officer, no – I haven’t been drinking.  I’m just dodging the damned manhole covers.



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