two chickens and a dancing flag lady


Sometimes ya just gotta dial it back and smile. Some things that made me smile this week  were brought to me through social media channels, and I share:



I read this on my neighbourhood social media site; the site that alerts us when a suspicious truck pulls in and out of driveways snooping around.  The site that tells us when black bears are wandering through the  neighbour’s yard and when the kids on the corner are holding a bake sale that we all support for the recipients of the proceeds with at least a couple of trips by for the yummy cinnamon rolls.

Back to the chickens.  I don’t know the outcome but the message made me smile to think of the renegade chickens out for a stroll.

And further down the highway:


On the feel-good city social media site I caught another message about our dancing flag lady.  I say another message because I’ve seen a few.  In fact I wrote one a year or so ago when I saw her.  The thing with our dancing flag lady is that you can’t help but smile when you happen to be in her traffic lineup.

I think it’s kind of like a good luck thing to see her.  Working on the highway in all kinds of weather around crazy machines and all kinds drivers on the way to somewhere on the other side of her stop sign can’t be an easy job.  She probably has a crock pot in the cupboard, a basket of single socks above the dryer, and a pile of bills on the counter like the rest of us but for the moments she dances and brings smiles to us, she is truly a difference maker.



Thank you, dancing flag lady. Stay safe out there.

And one last thing happening on the roads in my neighbourhood:


I smiled thinking back to when we had a huge pet pig that used to wander out to meet the school bus much to the horror of my sisters who had to step through the bifold bus doors, lights flashing as the bus rumbles on and herd the pig back to the house.  I don’t suppose their teenage angst was lessened any when my parents just laughed. I smile too, because I had already left home and missed the experience.

Keep it simple.  Smile when it’s there for the taking.



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