damage control…….just zip it


Stuff in the news south of our border this week just makes me all snarky.  All edgy waiting for it to be fixed.   What the heck is wrong with people?  When the proverbial foot is stuck in your mouth, back off and fix it.  In other words, own up to the fact that sometimes your words come out wrong and hurt or anger others. 

We’ve all done it……the well intentioned comment that’s met like a slipped out fart; the subconscious drawing away and a grimace as your comment hangs in the air.  I remember a wonderful lady I worked with some years ago who had very different tastes in clothing than I did.  She dressed old and we weren’t old, but it was just her.  One day as she came in with a new skirt on she asked me what I thought of the length. I responded with “well, it’s a bit long; if you hem it up a couple of inches it won’t look so frumpy.”  I actually said that frumpy part and instantly knew it was so wrong to say.  My thoughts slipped out with that comment and yes, I did think it was frumpy but would never have hurt her feelings by intentionally saying it.  I apologized and said I didn’t mean frumpy, but we both knew I did. She never wore the skirt again but at least I owned up to it.

But I watch the commander-in-chief,  Trump-fumble through what was probably well-intentioned comments that fell flat, I see mean spitefulness resulting instead of contriteness.  Because we’re human and fumble our way along, there sometimes has to be damage control done.  It’s called “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way, please forgive me.”

If you can’t say “I’m sorry”,  just zip it.  We’re weary and more than a little bit snarky listening to the fast talk and lies to cover up your continual fumbling.




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