the thing about selfies

IMG_3789 2.jpg

Jasmine freaks when I point the phone at us and take a selfie.  I’m not sure why, but she gets all squiggly and weird about it.

Selfies are fun.  I get it.  What I don’t get is the point of some of the selfie poses that show up on social media.  Like I know all about anime and the big eyed look, but in selfies it comes across as comic.  Was that the look you were going for?  Or is it to look all bug-eyed like you have a medical condition? Cause when we see you in real life, well…… you have normal sized eyes.  I’m old enough to remember the freaky black velvet paintings of kids with huge round eyes.  Not attractive then; not attractive now. (Although those paintings would be considered vintage now and maybe worth some $$.

Bug eyes are nothing compared to the whole pucker-up look which reminds me of a cat’s butt hole. Can’t help it; I just see that in each pucker-up selfie. Might want to think ahead a few decades too, when you aren’t so anxious for the pucker wrinkles around your lips.  Just saying……plan ahead.

But back to Jasmine and my attempt to take a selfie of us to send to Mark. Best I could do today was get part of her fuzzy snout but it’s the real her, whiskers and all…. not puckered or bugged out, and she’s beautiful.



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