coyotes at the carwash


My early Saturday morning included a quick trip through the car wash.  Well, it wasn’t that quick as I kept getting the message “card not read, try another one” as I fumbled in my wallet on the passenger seat to get another card out to try.  It was frustrating and after the third card (and I knew they SHOULD work), I said to myself and the machine “what the hell?…… and out of nowhere the car wash attendant guy showed up and said “I can help you with that….it’s the machine not your card”.

I have underwear older than the carwash attendant guy and I appreciated that he was trying so hard to provide good service in what is probably his first job.  As we were watching my card finally work to purchase the super wash, Jasmine poked her head out the window.  The guy stepped back and said “whoa! Is that a coyote????”


And I said ” yes! Why yes, it is a coyote in the backseat of my car.”  And he said “cool…..” as he walked away.

Sorry, (not sorry) I lied.  It was too good to pass up, and Jasmine smiled…..


2 thoughts on “coyotes at the carwash

  1. raymasson says:

    GREAT coyote story! And Martin insisted that I mention that the letters in the words seemed a little skinnier than before.

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