did I miss the call to action in all that rhetoric?


“You need to take a road trip away from your ivory tower and see how the real world lives. You’ll be ok, they have flush toilets and everything.”

It’s tough – I can’t discuss the election with my step-mom, an ardent Trump supporter Continue reading


am I wrong to feel like we’re losing the art of civility?

  1. formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.
    “I hope we can treat each other with civility and respect”
    synonyms: courtesy, courteousness, politenessgood manners, graciousness, considerationrespectpolitessecomity

    “he treated me with civility”
    • polite remarks used in formal conversation.
      plural noun: civilities
      “she was exchanging civilities with his mother”
      synonyms: polite remark, politenesscourtesy;

      “she didn’t waste time on civilities”

      I’m not going to jump in the shark tank, cess pool, arena, coliseum, sanctuary of politics. But I am going to ask what the heck are we teaching our children about civility as we watch what should be an honorable moment in history bring us to taking jabs like kangaroos fighting for territory.

      We need to find a way to teach our children not only about current affairs but also that power does not or should not exclude us from civility. Insensitivity, bullying, and bending the truth to the breaking point should not be the traits we aspire to for success.  Learning to debate and disagree are as important as learning to attack and fight in the right circumstances. But come on, what would your mother say ….. hmmmm…..??

      That’s just my rant. For the sake of civility, come on leaders grow up in a real hurry and be leaders and watch what lessons you’ll be passing on to our children this coming Friday.