mother’s day redemption – a story


The three make an unlikely group. The couple, two men who have lived together as lovers for over 20 years, and the child.

The trendy reservation – only restaurant and eclectic menu suit the couple well as they playfully debate which wine will accent the meal so carefully negotiated and ordered.  The child doesn’t know if she can eat at all. She’s quiet, softly petting the tablecloth, the silky lines in the linen, as she listens to their conversation. Not contributing to the festive occasion. She is, as they say, expecting. Pregnant. A bad girl. A shame, and tonight she will have her baby. Continue reading


what happens when you go get coffee


As I’m tearing through the first write of a new short story, Dream Mouse I head to the kitchen for  a cup of coffee (sadly, it’s really too early for wine)….. Thanks Jasmine,  I was sitting there.  It’s ok, Mom, you can move. I moved. It’s the Borzoi  mama’s legacy in her that let’s me know I am her servant. Always.