squirrel moments


I had a friend, and I say “had” because things happen and friendships fall by the wayside. Anyway, the legacy this friendship left me with is the mandate, assignment, duty to, and enjoyment of finding squirrel moments.  In fact, this friend used to say “send me one thing from your day” and it was eye-opening to see the small and sometimes large things to share.

One time I sent a picture of a blue sky.  The sky that is found in the far north of Canada, so blue we search for words like cerulean to describe it. One time I sent a picture of my desk at work with coffee cup,  vehicle accident report documents, and lipstick. A reflection of my world and coping skills.  And one time I sent a selfie with me on the top of a mountain with the wind blowing my hair as I looked out over miles and miles of untouched land.

Squirrel moments are the ones you catch as well as the ones manufactured. The thoughts that grab you; the what ifs, the wtf moments and the well now, that was interesting moments. Moments that make you snort wine out of your nose with laughter or tear your heart out and weep, and everything in between – these are squirrels and moments to dream of and to share.

Mostly I like to laugh so a few typos and mistakes are par for the course,  and will undoubtedly pop up over the course of this journey. But that’s ok, I’ll leave that to your OCD to kick in and drive you nuts.  Squirrels and nuts…….get it? Sad….I know….:)



One thought on “squirrel moments

  1. Tanya says:

    I live for the squirrel moments we get to share together. With the pace of the world getting faster and faster I find myself looking more and more for the little things in life that make me laugh out loud. When you slow down and really look you will be surprised what you actually see.


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