“just the facts, Ma’am” don’t feed the poo pig


This is my poo pig.  Yup, a pig made out of poo.  A work of art as he sits in the antique china cabinet with my other pigs from all over the world. He’s special, a gift from a dear friend.

It’s somehow suitable to talk about poo today as I learn about alternative facts from the new US leadership team.  My poo pig was crafted by compressing poo and carefully carving it into an endearing shape to entice us to buy it. And we did.

Not unlike alternative facts.  When we see our leaders explain away untruth by calling lies alternative facts they are busy forming an alternate reality.  They’re  taking the big old pile of poo they made and trying to craft it into a shape, a reality, we will buy.

The thing about my poo pig is that his real purpose is to be put out in the garden and watered until he dissolves becoming fertilizer. That I’ve held on to him for years now is denying the objective truth of his purpose and accepting that although he is made of poo, I can live with him that way.  It’s my decision.

Just as it’s our decision whether to accept lies explained away as alternative facts and live with them or put them out in the yard to dissolve as the manure they are.  Heading into a new era should be a time of building strong foundations on truth not building poo pigs out of alternative facts.  Because poo pigs can really stink.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”  Aldous Huxley


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