reaching for the light


Who’s got the lighter, who’s got the matches, where’s the switch? Who is going to light the candle…..We’re all looking for the dawn of a new era; looking for the leaders (Trump are you listening?) to light the way and look out for us. Promises to drive out the darkness with hope bringing light to our lives.

Yeah, but so far we’re watching them spin around with little more than sparklers.  Fancy spitting noisy sparklers that fizzle out and turn to dried up metallic worms.  And that’s frustrating to watch and somewhat depressing as they twirl around throwing sparks.

But as I looked outside  in the north of Canada here it was nicely light at 4:30 in the afternoon, still light at 5:00pm!. And all of a sudden it seems our days are lightening up in a hurry. That’s what we reach for this time of year and finding the light is healing for our souls after the long dark days of winter.

Hopefully they stop fumbling and find the lighter or the switch that will turn on the light people want to follow. Put the sparklers away until the 4th of July.


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