looking for courage


The ever-changing rhetoric from day-to-day, hour-to-hour has our heads spinning wondering what is going on in the mind of Mr. Trump. And before you say anything; yes it does affect us tucked deeply in the Canadian north just as we’re watching the fireworks of his actions interspersed with our northern lights.   Continue reading

ah…… blame it on Zoltar

IMG_1459.JPGWho doesn’t love Tom Hanks …… make a wish with Zoltar and boom! You are big.  The movie was charming; the script playing out with the big kid in the fancy white house – not so much cause obviously the big kid in the fancy white house is just a spoiled brat of a child.  Not an endearing kid who got big overnight. Zoltar, send him back to where he came from please, that’s our wish.