footprint from my Buddy


As I went out to warm my car up this morning, I noticed the footprints beside the door.  About the size of a loonie (that’s a Canadian coin for those of you from afar), the prints were made when Buddy came for a sleepover the other night.

Now, I’m not a “small dog person”.  I leave the Pekingese and Yorkies to those who prefer purse dogs to sled dogs, but who knows how love works. 

I met Buddy 8 years ago and for some reason, he fell in love with me.  So much so that he makes me feel like the world revolves around me and my visits.  I can’t stop by his house without taking him for a ride at the least, and a sleepover where he marches in our house, spends time with us –  a play with Jasmine and some quality pillow sitting time while he barks at the bad guys on the TV. It seems anyone in a dark suit is a bad guy…. hmmmm….IMG_4034.JPG

He kind of looks like a spotted pig, but I don’t tell IMG_4033.JPGhim that. I tell him how handsome he is  – my trusted co-pilot and  small fur shedding friend.


There’s a lesson to be learned in my friendship with Buddy.  While I didn’t think he was my type; I don’t care for small dogs, I only like a different kind and so forth – when I opened my heart to the love this little guy gives me, the joy in his delight and happiness when he sees me – well we could all use a little of that opening our hearts to what and who we think we won’t like.

We may be surprised to find a Buddy when we didn’t even know we needed one to enrich our lives.


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