who pees their pants after 8 pm?


I was watching TV last night and after about the sixth ad for pee pads; if you leak when you laugh, sneeze or move, you need these –  I turned to Mark to say what the heck is going on here?  

But he was snoozing sitting upright on the couch in that “I’m listening” way, but I  knew he was asleep.  Anyway, I was just wondering how come there are so many ads on for the peeing problems.  Like, my thoughts are that if you need these products you are going to get them, and do we really need to advertise like the sparkliest laundry detergent?

I texted a friend about this  and he texted back asking what the heck are you watching?  I responded “well, my CNN and  creature shows and so forth”.  We watch limited TV and don’t really watch movies or subscription services and stuff.  In fact we barely learned to use the VCR and thanks goodness it turned into DVD’s that we for the most part figured out.  Years ago when our son was at avalanche technologist training on top of a mountain for a week we hit the wrong button on one of the remotes and were without TV until he returned. I admit it.  But I digress, and  since I’ve been off work for a few months, I’ve developed a relationship with CNN.  Ok, more of an addiction. Call it what you will.

Still I wonder at the demographics then for the advertising.  I get up and go pee during the commercials.  Isn’t that what commercials are for?  To refill the wine glass and go pee?  I guess a public service announcement would be out of the question “go pee now….you have 45 seconds” when advertising revenue turns the wheels of the bus.

And speaking of bus, well not really bus but my marked company vehicle………as I was on the last 30 minute home stretch from a six-hour drive with the empty grande coffee and the empty vitamin water in the cup holders, I needed to pee bad.  But almost home.  Then without even a cough or choke my vehicle died by the side of the road. Just died.  On a Friday of a long weekend at 4 pm on the highway.

The tow truck would be 45 minutes and I was in some trouble. I squirmed and gritted my teeth as I watched the traffic whiz by and finally decided to climb through the ditch and find a place to pee.  As I squatted down trying to hide beside my vehicle and started to pee, from which we all know there is no stopping at that point, to my horror I saw a police car pull up behind my vehicle.   The officer gets out and walks up to the driver’s side, and you can tell he is checking to see where I am and I can’t stop peeing.  As he walks around the front I feebly say, “I’m here, just peeing in the ditch”.

Thankful for the safety check by the officer and with my warped sense of humour  to able to laugh at it all, still in the back of my mind I thought hmmmmmmm could have been another way.

So maybe those ads are for people like me to ponder and consider. The demographics most likely to pee our pants after 8 pm or by the side of the road. I could use my Six Sigma training and look into this, but I think I’ll wake Mark up and ask him.

He said I’ve been off work for too long and I need to get out more……..





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