I just cleaned a squirrel-sized hairball out of the tub drain – who says I don’t have a life?


Yeah, I know you think I’m all glamorous and all.  That my makeup is always impeccable.  That my outfits are always trendy and Pinterest worthy.

Reality hits kinda hard sometimes.  Like today waking up to a blotch what may or may not bloom into a full-blown two-week blemish on my chin.  Like getting dressed in yesterday’s (well, ok……..been wearing them for the past four days) yoga pants and spiffing them up with the sticky tape roller. Collecting enough dog hair to weave a rug and yes, I know ……knitting dog hair sweaters and all.  I read Whole Earth, too.

Every time I’m hit with a huge dose of “why the hell is it up to me?” then I think back to all the talent I’ve developed over the years.

My friend’s husband was installing a new toilet recently and it wasn’t going smoothly. She sent me a text telling me the renovations had moved beyond the excitement stage, through the marital support moment stage, into the stay in the other room and leave him alone to figure it out stage.

I offered my support.  After all, one of my handy little talents is the ability to remove and install toilets before you finish that cup of coffee and need to pee. Thanks to my crazy dog Jasper and numerous …..I mean numerous (we were slow learners) tennis balls dropped in the toilet the moment of a flush, I learned how to dismantle and re-install toilets.  I think the guys at Home Depot thought I had a toilet fetish……. but I digress.

The renos were done at my friend’s house ok without me, but I know she keeps me in her back pocket for a handy backup if needed.  After all, some of the talents I proudly sport have been years in the making.


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