an infusion of inspiration for me


I basically took a sabbatical from writing for a while as I became immersed in my new job and the day-to-day one-foot-in-front-of-the-otherness of the melancholy that falling into the fall brings me.  Continue reading


we don’t want to be afraid


A day of unimaginable heartbreak and sorrow.

A sanctuary that couldn’t protect.

A time to hold tight to each other and give strength to get through the loss; the hurt; the next steps no-one dreamed they would have to take.

We don’t want to be afraid. Fear and anger. Anger and fear.  A circle that grows without explanation leaving us to wonder and ask why.

We don’t want to be afraid. Keep strong little community in Texas so far away.  We send our love.

new kind of lightbulb issues


One of the bathroom lights burned out this weekend and as I climbed up on a chair reaching up to twist it out of the socket I was horrified to notice that the tulip shaped glass was covered with fuzz.  Kind of like a fur-bearing tulip.  The fact that my light fixture was growing fur is the fault of the fancy new-fangled ever lasting light bulbs we have nowadays. Not my fault. Continue reading

damage control…….just zip it


Stuff in the news south of our border this week just makes me all snarky.  All edgy waiting for it to be fixed.   What the heck is wrong with people?  When the proverbial foot is stuck in your mouth, back off and fix it.  In other words, own up to the fact that sometimes your words come out wrong and hurt or anger others.  Continue reading