road trip with Mom – calling shotgun!….and dog hair……


I see dogs in cars and feel a kindred spirit connection with their people.  Those of us who take our furry friends for car rides accept the fur and slobber covered windows and I’m sure many like me minimize the kennel aspect with special dog blankets, cage dividers and the like.  Continue reading

it’s me not you, and I’m leaving


Dear Winter,

As I looked at the fresh bruises on my elbow and knee this morning from our last tussle, I made the hard decision that I want to leave. Well, not leave as in forever, but I think we should see other people, you know, take a break from each other for a while.  Continue reading

dead frog in the rental car


Remember the creepy stories about customers taking off in their rental car and having a HUGE snake fall from under the dash where it had been hiding.  Or the HUGE snake that was curled up in the engine compartment.  Or the HUGE snake that was sleeping in the trunk?  Well, I do because that is just the creepiest thing to me.  Confirms that yes, the monsters in the closet were real, that yes, the bogeyman is out there and yes, all kinds of fearful stuff is out there waiting to get at us. Continue reading